Smallholders Market Linkage

Imarisha links smallholder farmers to markets. We do this by organizing, training and contracting smallholder farmers to grow quality agriculture products to ensure quality supplies that meet the high end markets requirements, standards and specifications. We provide assured volumes of quality agriculture commodities, at agreed timelines and agreed upon prices to our customers. We plan to advance purchasing schemes to farmers to ensure they are enabled in purchasing critical farm inputs. We in addition collect, package and deliver quality products to our customers and conduct after sales services. Our customers are hotels, organized commodities markets, food processors, institutions like schools and hospitals and organized commodities markets. We are also looking forward to working with the export markets. We organize the supply chain by training and signing long-term contracts with smallholder farmers working on tuber and root crops (arrow roots, yams, sweet potatoes and cassava), leafy vegetables and bananas.

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