Imarisha CBO

Imarisha CBO works with grassroots women, men and youth groups to sharpen community engagement and development discourse. Majorly, the organisation targets the marginalized in the society and work towards establishing innovative and sustainable enterprises for their empowerment.

Imarisha CBO is a relatively young organization but efforts have been put in place over the last one year to strengthen her programs and finance systems by engaging lean staff with the following;

  • Educational Backgrounds.
  • Programme Development.
  • Grant Making.
  • Portfolio Management Experiences.

  • Efforts have also been made to develop;

  • Requisite policies.
  • Manuals.
  • Tools.
  • Guidelines for internal financial control.
  • The organisation through her various policies and procedures has put in place relevant financial management and internal control systems in place to manage grants received and related organizational incomes.

    Imarisha CBO has three main programs:


    Imarisha CBO addresses these processes in community empowerment and research to help the public sector develop and use informed best practices. The organisation provides means to engage individual citizens, the public and organized stakeholders in the work of government. There is general agreement that good governance is characterized by responsiveness ...
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    Environment and Natural Resource Management (ENRM)

    Imarisha CBO targets smallholder farmers with small parcels of land seeking to build their capacities along the value chain. Our projects aimed at strengthening partnerships amongst stakeholders in the agriculture value chains aimed at increasing profits by the small holder farmers. The organisation is also involved in the renewable energy ...
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    Maternal Health, Child Health and RH

    While the global news about maternal health is positive, Kenya is not only lagging behind the world, it is experiencing an increase in maternal mortality: More women are dying from pregnancy related causes today than they did five years ago. In 2003, the number of women dying from pregnancy related ...
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